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How much do a full set of dentures cost?

Dental Center of Florence is considered the go-to practice for same-day dentures near me. We are centrally located and offer a quality product. In fact, our attractive denture packages bring patients from as far away as Ohio and other states.

Because we fabricate our dentures right here in our dental office, using an on-site lab, we can pass substantial savings on to our patients by cutting out the middleman, and we are always thrilled to do so.

As far as cost, we offer many packages, and the final cost will also depend on needed extractions and the type of dentures you choose. We provide a practical price list on our denture service page to give you an idea.

Our dentists also offer the exclusive Smiles Dental Membership Plan. With this plan, you receive the services you and your family members need at one low yearly cost. This plan also includes discounts on other services.

 Are You Looking for Same-Day Dentures in Florence, KY?

We are thrilled to help patients reclaim their smiles and be able to enjoy their favorite meals again. If you would like to arrange a denture consultation, or if you’re ready to upgrade to a more modern prosthetic, we look forward to hearing from you today.

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