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Will I have to replace my denture eventually?

When teeth are missing, specifically tooth roots, your jolder woman with glasses smiling l dr keith laws dmdawbone deteriorates and shrinks over time. This means that dentures can fit snuggly for the first years, but they will need replacement in the future.

How long your denture fits depend on changes to your jawbone and the wear associated with chewing and speaking.

During the first years, your dentist in Florence may suggest a reline, which means adding material or relining to restore the snug fit. Using denture adhesives for added support is also a good option.

How Do Same Day Dentures Work at Dental Center of Florence?

Our same-day dentures at Dental Center of Florence are built to last, to restore your smile, and to function predictably. However, you will need to replace your denture eventually.

Additionally, if you notice cracks or damage to your denture, it’s essential to contact our dental office. Bacteria can collect in these cracks and leave you vulnerable to infections and even gum disease.

It’s also important to remember that replacement teeth do not protect you from gum disease. Even if you wear dentures, it is still important to visit your Florence dentist regularly.

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