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How does root canal treatment work?

Root canal treatment is a procedure your dentist at the Dental Center of Florence will exercise as the last effort to save one of your natural teeth. The problem in these cases is usually an infection deep within your tooth that found its way in due to tooth damage from trauma or decay.

The Parts of Your Tooth

To understand how root canal treatment works, you should appreciate the parts of your tooth. What we see above the gum line is called your crown, and the part inside your gums is the root. Inside the root is a narrow passage that connects your inner tooth to your circulatory and nervous systems. Your tooth is nourished by the vessels that run up the passage, which we call the canal.

Your inner tooth is called the pulp, which is soft tissue where infection can quickly grow. If that infection continues unabated, then it can move into the canal and deeper into your jaw. We will want to prevent this progression.

Root Canal Treatment Steps

To begin, one of our dentists will ensure your tooth and gums have been numbed to help you be more comfortable.

Then, we go in through the top of your crown and remove all the infected pulp tissue. Once we've cleaned out the pulp, we seal the canal to prevent future infection and eliminate your pain.

The final step of root canal treatment is to cover your sealed tooth with a dental crown, custom-made to blend in with your other teeth.

Root Canal Dentist in Florence, KY

If you are suffering tooth pain that could indicate an infection inside, you shouldn't wait to call the Dental Center of Florence for root canal treatment. We are more than happy to help.

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