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Treating Sleep Apnea in the Tri-State Area

Sleep apnea is a very common health condition that continues to affect millions of Americans every night. From erratic breathing patterns and loud snoring to morning headaches and extreme, unexplained drowsiness, those who suffer from sleep apnea experience a wide variety of concerning symptoms that affect the rest of their day and overall quality of life. At Dental Center of Florence in Florence, KY, we specialize in a comprehensive range of quality dental services designed to treat oral health-related issues, including sleep apnea. Learn more and find out if sleep apnea therapy is right for you.

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Are You Living With Undiagnosed Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is known to disrupt the natural breathing process by causing you to temporarily stop breathing while you sleep. This periodic disruption – whether caused by a physical obstruction or a neurological disorder – deprives the brain of oxygen, alerting the body to wake up and resume breathing, ultimately preventing you from reaching deep sleep.

What makes sleep apnea challenging to diagnose is that these lapses in breathing often occur so briefly that many patients can’t recall them ever happening. Most patients don’t know they aren’t getting a good night’s sleep because of their undiagnosed sleep apnea, which adversely impacts many fundamental aspects of daily life.

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Guiding You to Better, More Balanced Sleep

If you or a loved one snores or produces choking sounds while sleeping or awakens suddenly and short of breath, our dental specialists can provide a personalized evaluation to determine if sleep apnea treatment is the solution for you. We utilize advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology to develop customized dental treatments and oral devices designed to correct irregular breathing patterns caused by sleep apnea, allowing patients to achieve the better nights’ sleep they deserve.

Our dental specialists at Dental Center of Florence are here to alleviate your sleep apnea and end those endless, restless nights! We’ll present a variety of treatment options, as well as expert insights into natural ways you can reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea through behavioral changes and better lifestyle choices. If you’re longing for a full night’s sleep, connect with our friendly staff and schedule your personalized sleep apnea assessment with us today.

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