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At Dental Center of Florence, we are your friendly neighborhood dental office, and we offer the latest in dental innovations to give our patients the best dental experience possible. Our atmosphere is warm and welcoming and backed up by superior technology. Our technologies include everything from safer x-rays to tools designed for comfort and patient education. 

Read through the technologies below to learn more about what we offer at our dental practice in Florence, KY. If you have any questions about these innovations, we would love to hear from you, so give us a phone call today!

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Digital Records

At Dental Center of Florence, we take very seriously the safekeeping of our patients' most personal information. We also try to maintain an environmentally friendly dental office whenever possible. Digital records allow us to do both. 

We store your information digitally on a protected computer. This not only guards your personal data, but it allows us to call up your dental records with a few keystrokes. Your Florence dentist is able to compare oral health changes between visits and view your oral health history with ease. And digital technology is an excellent way to save trees because there is no paper involved.

If you call up our dental office with a question about your oral health, it is easier than ever to respond promptly thanks to digital records technology. 

dental patient using 3-D cone beam imaging l dental care of florence

3-D Cone Beam

Cone beam imaging allows your family dentist in Florence, KY to view three-dimensional images of your teeth, soft tissues, and bones.  

With this technology, your dentist can plan complex treatments and diagnose specific oral health conditions, including but not limited to dental implant placement, extraction or root canal planning, sinus evaluations, TMJ diagnosis, and pinpointing specific causes of undiagnosed pain. 

This is a digital technology as well and far safer than traditional radiographs from the past. 

Rotary Endodontics

Rotary endodontics is changing the conversation when it comes to root canal therapy. We're sure you've heard the myths and rumors that root canals should always be dreaded. Well, we say, "dread root canals no longer!"

Rotary endodontics relies on a flexible tip that fits your tooth canal. This technology means a faster and easier root canal experience

For those who have had a root canal the old fashioned way, we invite you to experience the rotary endodontics difference at Dental Care of Florence. 

Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic dental x-ray relies on negligible ionizing radiationequivalent to taking a short walk in the sunto capture a landscape image of your oral structure. You simply stand still while the x-ray machine moves around your head in a U formation. 

The resulting image allows your dentist in Florence to view your underlying tooth roots and oral anatomy as a single image. Your Florence dentist uses this image to diagnose oral health conditions and plan treatments, including dental implants, and same-day dentures. 

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry in Florence, KY is a way for your dentist at Dental Care of Florence to perform invasive procedures without invading. In other words, lasers mean less bleeding or trauma, no cutting, and faster recovery time for you.

Laser dentistry treats a variety of oral health conditions gently and with precision, including periodontal disease and gum reshaping. Laser dentistry can also treat sensitivity issues, teeth whitening, and dental cavities. 


dentist performing dental exam l dental care of florence

Intraoral Cameras

The team at Dental Center of Florence believes strongly in patient education. We want you to be armed with the best information when it comes to making decisions for your oral care. We also want you to always understand why your dentist recommends a specific course of treatment.

Intraoral cameras help by allowing us to show you exactly what your dentist sees during an oral health exam. 

An intraoral camera is about the size of an ink pen, and it takes pictures of your teeth and gums. Your dentist in Florence can then enlarge and project these images chairside on a monitor. We can point out places your toothbrush may be missing, better explain your treatment options, and give an improved understanding of your dentist's treatment protocol.  

dental patient sitting in exam chair l florence ky dentist

TVs and Music Streaming in Exam Rooms

Quiet, precise, and less jarring dental instruments at Dental Center of Florence mean you can watch entertaining and engaging content during your treatment or tune into relaxing music from Pandora which is streamed through DCOF.

Watch TV, listen to music, and snuggle in with one of our cozy blankets. Meanwhile, our friendly dental team will see to your oral health!

dentist using digital sensors l dentist in florence ky

Digital Sensors and Digital X-Rays

A visual dental exam allows your Florence dentist to rely on experience in diagnostics, but digital sensors and digital x-rays mean advanced diagnostics provides a way to see potential dental health issues below the gum line and enamel. For this reason, digital x-rays often play a crucial role in preventive dentistry exams

Digital dental x-rays emit far less radiation than traditional film x-rays. Additionally, the technology is more comfortable for the patient—relying on a small digital sensor as opposed to a bulky film inside the mouth, and these radiographs produce clearer images for superior diagnostics.  

When a specific technology means better diagnostics, patient safety, and patient comfort, it is an innovation that we are eager to bring to the Dental Center of Florence.

Electric Handpieces

Your dentist in Florence is dedicated to patient comfort, wanting you to have relaxing and less jarring dental treatments. Electric handpieces are an excellent example of our commitment to providing patients with excellent dental experiences every time they visit our dental office in Florence, KY

Instead of the whirring and whining dental tools of the past, we rely on the more modern electric handpieces. These state-of-the-art dental instruments mean a quieter dental treatment for you with fewer vibrations. 

With this technology, you can easily watch educational and entertaining television or listen to streaming music (and hear it), while your dentist in Florence, KY cares for your smile. 

Sedation Dentistry

At Dental Center of Florence, your comfort is our priority. We want you to enjoy coming to the dentist and be able to count your treatment as a relaxing experience. Whether you suffer from acute dental phobia or only mild anxiety, we have a sedation dentistry method for you.

Our sedation dentistry includes everything from relaxation gas in the form of nitrous oxide to oral conscious and IV sedation. The latter allows you to sleep through your dental procedure. 

Nitrous oxide wears off immediately following treatment, but oral conscious sedation and IV sedation mean you will need a ride to and from our dental office in Florence, KY.   

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