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Dr. Elisha Strahler is a trusted and highly experienced dentist that will aid you on the path to a healthier, more confident smile. Schedule an appointment today to discover the personalized treatments and compassionate guidance that define her approach to healthcare.

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3 Ways To Restore Your Smile

Dentures are custom-made dental devices created to replace missing teeth and restore full oral function. They are crafted to provide a comfortable fit within the mouth, fill gaps created by missing teeth, improve appearance, improve speech and facilitate the ability to chew a diverse range of foods. Whether it's full dentures to address complete tooth loss or partial dentures designed for specific missing teeth, they serve as a versatile solution for restoring health and beauty.

  • Restore Appearance & Function
  • Customized Fit
  • Low Maintenance
  • Cost Effective Solution

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Meet Dr. Elisha Strahler

Dr. Elisha Strahler received his bachelor’s degree in biology from Ohio University before earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at Ohio State University. He then completed a 1-year residency to learn advanced skills such as implants and wisdom teeth removal.

Dr. Strahler has a passion for surgery, loves to help people get out of pain, and also thrives in helping people find same-day solutions when in a tough spot.

When Dr. Strahler is not at work, he enjoys running, watching sports, and spending time with friends and family.


Why Patients Love Dr. Strahler

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Put me at ease and answered all my questions and concerns. A great experience all around.
Chris D.

Very through
Explained all procedures
On time
Great visit

Pat M.
Everyone was super nice and super helpful answered all my questions and were fun and joking around definitely made this experience less stressful. They are fast with getting your things together and just all around great will definitely recommend them.
Megan M.

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