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Nitrous Oxide Treatment in Florence, KY

Nitrous Oxide Treatment for Anxious Patients in the Tri-State Area

We know visits to the dentist’s office can produce feelings of distress and anxiety, but our friendly dental staff is here to calm your nerves and put your mind at ease. At Dental Center of Florence, we are Florence, KY’s premier dental care provider offering patients safe, soothing nitrous oxide treatment. Nitrous oxide – also known as laughing gas – is a commonly-used method of treatment administered by dental professionals to increase overall patient comfort. If you’re nervous about your dental appointment, find out if nitrous oxide treatment is right for you.

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Easing Your Dental Discomfort & Anxiety

When patients feel anxiety-ridden in the dentist’s chair, nitrous oxide can help them relax and even increase their threshold for pain. This form of sedative treatment utilizes a small mask to deliver doses of nitrous oxide gas, allowing patients to experience a relaxed sensation in only a few short minutes while retaining full consciousness. Because the effects are mild and wear off very quickly, nitrous oxide continues to be a trusted and perfectly suitable treatment for all ages and can be included in any dental treatment.

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At Dental Center of Florence, we are devoted to delivering a compassionate, stress-free dental care experience Boone County families can rely on when they need them the most. Our primary mission is to address your unique oral health needs while ensuring your comfort with minimal disruption to your day.

If your teeth are causing embarrassment or discomfort, discover our thoughtful and caring approach to improving your oral health! As the mildest form of oral sedation, nitrous oxide has been a standard practice in dentistry since 1984 because of the ideal degree of anxiety relief it can provide for most patients. Dental visits can produce immense feelings of fear and apprehension, but we’re here to ensure a better, smoother, and much more pleasant experience. Connect with us to schedule your appointment with us today.

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