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Dental Center of Florence restores patient beauty, functionality, and confidence with customized dental bridges in Florence, KY and the Tri-State area. Our specially designed solution will fit your mouth's configuration precisely, enabling you to speak, chew and smile like you used to again. We provide treatments in warm, welcoming environments throughout the state, making your experience convenient and comfortable. Improve your teeth's health and aesthetics and smile brightly with our restorative solutions.

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Treatment Benefits


Long Lasting


Maintain Natural Facial Structure


Improved Speech & Chewing


Improved Oral Hygiene

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are tooth replacements that restores facial structure and relieves stress from the jaw. They can reduce gum disease risks, improve speech, and the ability to bite and chew. A good dental bridge, if cared for properly, can last up to 15 years or more.

Dental Bridges Treatment in Florence, KY

The Bridge Treatment Process

Our team provides a wide range of customizable bridge solutions. We make it easy with a simple, three-step process to restore and enhance your smile in no time.

  • Step One: We prepare the targeted tooth by applying a local anesthetic and reshaping them.
  • Step Two: Bridges are customized and created within a lab to fit your mouth's unique shape and contours. During the two-to-three-week creation period, we'll provide a temporary bridge.
  • Step Three: We assess and test the bridge during the final appointment to make sure it's stable, secure, and fits your mouth perfectly. We replace the temporary bridge with the permanent customization, securing it firmly in place.
Bridge Treatment Process in Florence, KY


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