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What Are Same-Day Dental Procedures?

January 28, 2021
Posted By: Dental Center of Florence Staff
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At Dental Center of Florence, we are dedicated to offering you fast and affordable dental care. We know how busy your schedule is, and we know you don’t always have time for multiple dental appointments. It can be hard enough to make time for one appointment at your dentist’s office!

With that in mind, we offer some same-day dental procedures in our Florence office. 

Cosmetic Dentistry in Florence, KY

If you have decided you want a brighter, more attractive smile, there is no reason to wait! We offer cosmetic dentistry services that are quick, easy, and won’t empty your wallet. Some cosmetic treatments can be performed in just one visit, and you’ll leave the office with a brand-new, shining smile!

Same-Day Teeth Whitening

Even with excellent oral hygiene, you will eventually develop stains on your teeth that dim their brightness. However, we can quickly and easily give you a whiter smile in our dental office. With professional teeth whitening, you can transform your smile affordably in under an hour. 

For your convenience, we also provide take-home teeth whitening options. With take-home teeth whitening, you can whiten your teeth while lounging on the couch! 

Same-Day Dentures

You can enjoy a beautiful, new smile with same-day dentures in Florence, KY. Dentures are a great solution for tooth loss, and with our “all-in-a-day” dentistry, we can provide you with dentures in just one appointment! 

To accomplish this feat, we have an on-site lab where we can create your new smile, and we have experienced denture lab technicians to help you achieve the beautiful, full smile you’ve always wanted!

Discover Your Dentist in Florence, KY

We value your time and we want to provide your dental care in the most efficient manner possible. Faster dental service means fewer dental appointments and less time spent in the dental office, and that’s important to you and your busy lifestyle. 

We are here to serve the dental needs of the Florence, KY community quickly and affordably. If you are looking for a fast solution to your dental problems, call our dental office today for assistance. 

Dr. Keith Laws and the rest of our dental team at Dental Center of Florence are here to help you make your smile even more beautiful!

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