Cosmetic Dentistry in Florence, KY

You take excellent care of your teeth—brushing and flossing daily and visiting your Florence dentist for routine exams and teeth cleanings. Yet, you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth. The compassionate team at Dental Center of Florence understands how frustrating this can be.

Fortunately, our dentists offer a variety of cosmetic treatment options to help you achieve your dream smile.

It all starts with a consultation and smile chat with your cosmetic dentist in Florence, KY.

Achieving Your Dream Smile with Dental Center of Florence!

woman receiving dental exam l cosmetic dentistry florence kyYour dentist in Florence wants to learn more about your smile goals, which is why we recommend a cosmetic dentistry consultation in our dental office.

We also want to make sure that the cosmetic dentistry option—or options—you choose will deliver the results you’ve been looking for and that your oral health makes cosmetic dentistry a safe and practical option for you.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Florence, KY

Teeth discolor for a variety of reasons, including age, dietary choices, certain medications, and smoking. Fortunately, your dentist in Florence offers professional teeth whitening, which is far superior to over-the-counter options.

When you use over-the-counter gels and kits, the ingredients can be abrasive and lead to ongoing tooth sensitivity. You may also be disappointed with a result that is not even or does not give you the whiteness you were hoping for.

In our dental office, we offer both in-office whitening and take-home kits for your convenience. Imagine whitening your teeth on your own time! Curled up with a good book or simply working at your computer while you whiten.

Tooth-Colored Restorations

Today’s modern dental fillings are colored to match your teeth. No more silver to detract from your smile. We can also replace your silver fillings with this tooth-colored option. 

We rely on a tooth-colored resin to close cavities, and this same composite can conceal tooth flaws and discoloration affordably through a method called tooth bonding.

At Dental Center of Florence, our dental restorations will always complement your smile!

Dental Veneers

For decades dental veneers were a Hollywood secret, but today, we offer quality dental veneers in Florence.

Dental veneers are thin tooth shells that go across the front of your teeth to conceal tooth flaws, including:

  • Misshapen teeth
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Discoloration
  • Slightly crooked teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Height discrepancies across your smile line

Invisalign Clear Aligners in Florence, KYhand holding a clear plastic aligner l dentist in florence ky

Some cosmetic dentistry options also complement your oral health. This is the case with clear orthodontic aligners.

Straight teeth not only prompt you to smile with confidence, but straight teeth are typically healthier and easier to brush and floss effectively.

Invisalign consists of clear aligners that you wear for approximately 22 hours each day and change every two weeks. You can remove them when eating, brushing, and flossing.

The exciting part is watching your teeth straighten across the treatment timeline.

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