Dental Cleanings & Exams in Florence, KY

woman receiving dental exam l 41042 dentistPart of our commitment to patients means helping to prevent oral health conditions, including cavities, oral infections, and periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease treatment can be a lengthy and costly undertaking, which is why our dentists in Florence work hard to prevent this condition and others for our patients.

Preventive Dentistry Best Practices at DCOF

According to guidelines put forward by the American Dental Association, visiting your dentist at least twice yearly for dental exams and teeth cleanings significantly lowers your risks for specific oral health conditions like gingivitis, cavities, infections, and periodontal disease.

However, if you have already been diagnosed with an oral health issue, your dentist will adjust your treatment schedule based on your unique oral health situation.

Drs. Keith Laws, Laura Herfel, or one of our associate dentists may also recommend proactive therapies like dental sealants or fluoride treatments to strengthen your teeth or help lower your risks for cavities if you are prone to decay.  

Your twice-yearly dental exam consists of:

Your preventive dental exam allows your dentist to compare oral health changes between visits and diagnose any emerging issues before they become significant problems.

Your professional teeth cleaning gets rid of the debris and bacteria that can lead to oral health complications. It clears away the stubborn tartar that your toothbrush leaves behind.

Your Role in Preventive Dental Care

Preventive dentistry is a partnership between you and your dentist in Florence, KY. We will see to the dental care. For your part, we suggest brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice each day. If you have a specific oral health condition, your dentist may suggest a more customized regimen between dental visits.

Your dentist or hygienist can provide tips and instructions on how to make the most of your at-home routine as well.

Preventive Measures to Consider

three generations of family smiling l preventive dentistry florence kyAt Dental Center of Florence, your healthy smile is our goal, which is why we make the following recommendations.

If you grind and clench your teeth (bruxism), it is important to wear a nightguard to prevent cavities, tooth breakage, and related oral health conditions.

If you participate in contact sports, we strongly suggest a mouthguard and the proper face gear to protect your smile from elbows and flyballs.

It is also important to not use your teeth as a tool to twist off a bottle cap, to open a package, or for similar unintended purposes.

If you notice oral health changes between visits, including increased tooth sensitivity, we urge you to contact a member of our friendly dental team to schedule an exam with your Florence dentist. We never want you to wait it out and hope for improvement without intervention.

Contact Your Dentist in Florence, KY

At Dental Center of Florence, we treat patients of all ages, and we love welcoming individuals and families into our dental practice. Contact a member of our friendly dental team today.