Invisalign in Florence, KY

dental patient putting in clear plastic aligner l invisalign florence kyIf you’re like a lot of people, you want a straight smile but do not want to spend months in metal and wire braces.

Our dentists in Florence have advanced training in Invisalign, which means straight teeth discreetly. No metal and no wires!

Invisalign relies on clear plastic aligners—custom made to fit your teeth.

Learn Whether You’re a Good Candidate for Invisalign in Florence

The first step is a consultation and conversation with your Invisalign dentist. If no relevant films are on file, your dentist may order x-rays during this initial exam.

If it is determined that Invisalign is right for you and that it will help you achieve the smile you’ve been looking for, your dentist takes impressions of your teeth. Invisalign relies on the resulting model to create custom aligners for your teeth.

You wear your aligner for approximately 22 hours per day, and you switch to the next aligner in the series every two weeks. As the treatment course moves forward, you can witness your teeth moving into straight positions week by week. It is very exciting.

The Benefits of Invisalign in Florence, KY

Invisalign has both aesthetic value, and it can improve your oral health. Additionally, Invisalign has exclusive therapy benefits compared with traditional metal and wire braces.

The aesthetic benefits of Invisalign clear aligners include the correction of:

  • Twisted teeth
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gaps between teeth

When you are happy with your smile, it instills confidence, and that makes it easy to laugh and smile with friends and family members.

The oral health benefits include less wear on teeth with an aligned bite and more productive brushing and flossing—bacteria have fewer gathering nooks.

Therapy benefits—compared with traditional metal and wire braces—include aligner removal when eating, brushing, and flossing. Also, Invisalign is made of smooth, comfortable plastic, which means it is far less likely to irritate or weigh down your smile.

Following Invisalign Therapy at Dental Center of Florence

It’s important to protect your investment, which is why your dentist in Florence provides you with a custom retainer following Invisalign treatment.

A retainer reminds your teeth that straight is their new normal, and it helps prevent orthodontic relapse.

woman holding invisalign aligner l clear aligners florence kyTaking Care of Your New Smile From Dental Center of Florence

As with any restorative or corrective dentistry, it is still crucial to visit your dentist at least twice each year for dental exams and teeth cleanings.

And don’t forget to brush and floss regularly between dental visits.

Schedule Your Invisalign Consultation Today

Straight teeth tend to be healthier, and an aligned smile allows you to laugh and grin with confidence.

If you would like to schedule an Invisalign consultation, or if you have any questions, contact a member of our friendly team today to get started.

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