Teeth Whitening in Florence, KY

woman picking tooth whitening shade l teeth whitening florence kyIf you take excellent care of your teeth—brushing and flossing daily and visiting your Florence dentist for routine exams and teeth cleanings—stained teeth can be disheartening.

Teeth stain and discolor for a variety of reasons, including age and lifestyle choices. Fortunately, your dentist in Florence offers professional teeth whitening options to help you achieve a whiter, brighter smile.

Professional teeth whitening is both comfortable and affordable.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Right for You?

Your dentist in Florence makes sure that your oral health is in good condition before approving you for professional teeth whitening. Considerations may include restorations, dental work, and gum health; these oral health scenarios do not necessarily rule out professional teeth whitening.

However, we do recommend only whitening your smile under the direction of a dental professional. Over-the-counter pastes can be abrasive and damage your enamel. Store-bought systems can also lead to ongoing tooth sensitivity, especially if the whitening trays do not fit your smile.

When you whiten your teeth under the care of a dental professional, you know that your oral health is in excellent condition and that professional teeth whitening is a good and safe option for you.

In-Office Teeth Whitening in Florence

Our professional teeth whitening typically takes less than an hour. We rely on a tried-and-true teeth whitening system, which works in increments. Our patients have been thrilled with their results. 

This system combines LED light technology with our prescription-grade whitening gel. The LED light helps activate this gel, which means a faster tooth whitening experience, with dramatic results.

After in-office whitening, we provide a take-home whitening pen as well. This allows you to touch-up your smile on your own time—before a significant life event like a wedding or vacation.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening in Florence

With this system, we provide instructions, and you whiten your teeth at your leisure—while cleaning the house or watching your favorite television show. This method also allows you to do touch-ups if you have an important event on the horizon. 

Maintaining Your White Smile at DCOF

Teeth discolor due to tea, coffee, bright sauces, age, tobacco, and even certain medications.

man in grey shirt pondering l dentist 41042The best way to maintain your white smile is to eliminate or reduce tooth-staining foods and drinks from your diet—or brush your teeth following indulgence.

You can also touch up your smile periodically, with your take-home whitening pen or trays and whitening gel.

Whiter Teeth In a Day

Professional teeth whitening typically takes less than an hour, and it is part of our commitment to “all in a day” dentistry.

If you would like to schedule your teeth whitening consultation in Florence, KY, contact a member of our friendly team.

We proudly serve patients in Florence, KY, the outlying suburbs, and parts of Indiana and Ohio.