Root Canals in Florence, KY

Root canal therapy has an unfair reputation for being a painful undertaking. The reality is that root canal treatment is very straightforward and relieves a toothache rather than causing one.

Besides, at Dental Center of Florence, we have the gentlest dentists around. Drs. Keith Laws, Laura Herfel, and our associate dentists use rotary endodontic technology for a gentler, more precise, and faster root canal therapy.  

Reasons You May Need a Root Canal in Florence, KY

woman receiving dental exam l dentist 41042A root infection or tooth trauma requires root canal therapy to save your tooth and prevent further oral health complications.

Often, when you have a root infection, you’ll notice telltale signs, like:

  • Toothache or a sensitive tooth
  • Jaw pain and swelling
  • Blister on the gum

However, if the tooth nerve is damaged, you may not have any pain. Still, your dentist in Florence will spot the emerging root infection during a routine dental exam, which is one of the reasons preventive dental checkups are so crucial to your long-term oral health.

If you notice signs of a root infection, it is important not to self-diagnose because certain oral health conditions can mimic one another. We do, however, recommend contacting your dentist if you notice oral health changes, specifically ongoing or increasing tooth sensitivity.

The mild tooth sensitivity you may experience early in the root infection can graduate to severe pain within a few hours, making it a dental emergency.

The team at Dental Center of Florence does not want you to be in pain.

The Root Canal Process at Dental Center of Florenceside view of root canal l root canal florence ky

Your dentist gently numbs the area, extracts the infected root and pulp, and seals off the tooth with a temporary filling. At a later visit, we close the tooth with a quality tooth-colored filling or a dental crown.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cover that fits over your vulnerable tooth. It is colored and shaped to complement your adjacent teeth, and it provides support following infection or trauma.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority at Dental Center of Florence

Though we have the gentlest dentists around, we understand when you need a little extra to help with dental anxiety.

At Dental Center of Florence, we offer three levels of sedation, including:

  • Nitrous oxide—sometimes called laughing or relaxation gas
  • Oral conscious sedation—a pill that means you will likely not remember your treatment
  • IV sedation—sometimes called sleep dentistry

Talk to your dentist in Florence about the best sedation option for your particular level of anxiety. We never want fear or phobia to prevent you or your loved ones from getting the dental care you deserve.

Contact Your Dentist in Florence To Learn More

If you’re looking for gentle root canal therapy, we are here for you!

If you have a toothache and jaw swelling, we consider this a dental emergency and encourage you to contact our dental office in Florence as soon as possible for an emergency dental appointment in Florence.