Same-Day Dentures in Florence, KY

Dentures in Florence, KY are a time-tested and practical solution to tooth loss. And with our technology, which includes an on-site lab, we are able to offer our patients same-day dentures. Imagine waking in the morning with tooth loss and ending your day with a brand-new smile.

Drs. Keith Laws, Laura Herfel, and our associate dentists work hard to offer our patients “all in a day” dentistry in Florence, and we invite you to join us in our commitment to providing quality dentistry quickly, comfortably, and affordably.

Same-Day Dentures in Florence, KY

woman creating same-day dentures in florence ky
On-Site Denture Lab

We have been the leader in same-day dentures and “all in a day” dentistry for more than three decades.

And unlike other dental practices, we do not have to send our impressions to an outside lab. Our dental team is able to walk back to our on-site lab, and our doctors can consult directly with our DCOF technicians to ensure excellent communication to give you the smile you desire! Our on-site lab saves many patients both time and money.

Our denture lab technicians also have years of experience crafting modern, beautiful, and functional dentures. Our patients in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio could not be happier with their new smiles, and we think you’ll be thrilled as well.

How Dentures in Florence, KY Work

Our quality dentures in Florence consist of a gum-colored appliance with flattering restoration teeth to complete your smile.

For full tooth loss, we offer full dentures. Full dentures rely on suction and the bony structure of your jaw for support.

For partial tooth loss, we offer partial dentures. Partial dentures rely on healthy adjacent teeth and clips for support.

For those who are looking for added stability, ask your dentist in Florence about implant-supported dentures!

Our Commitment to Quality, Affordability, and Patient Care

We provide high-quality dentures  in Florence and partial dentures that are both beautiful and affordable, and we have packages to fit your budget.

Note: Our denture prices do not include the cost of extractions.

Our denture types include:

Standard Denture Cost

  • close up of completed dentures at dentist in 41042Only offered as a replacement denture(s)
  • $295 upper or lower
  • $590 upper or lower
  • No adjustments or guarantee
  • Every adjustment $65

Standard Plus Denture Cost

  • $595 upper or lower
  • $1,100 complete set (save $90 on set)
  • Economy Teeth
  • 1-year unlimited adjustments
  • 1-year guarantee against breakage or tooth loss

Preferred Denture Cost

  • $895 upper or lower
  • $1,600 complete set (save $190 on set)
  • Higher quality teeth
  • 1-year unlimited adjustments
  • 2-year guarantee against breakage or tooth loss

Elite Denture Cost

  • $1,795 upper or lower
  • $3,200 complete set (save $390 on set)
  • Money-back guarantee (30 days)
  • Highest quality teeth with a greater selection of tooth shades
  • Aesthetics evaluation with technician
  • Complete digital records
  • Completely customized chairside
  • Unlimited adjustments
  • 5-year guarantee against breakage or tooth loss

New Denture Wearer Packages (NDWP)

  • Preferred NDWP upper or lower $1,387
  • Preferred NDWP complete set $2,774
  • Elite NDWP upper or lower $2,287
  • Elite NDWP complete set $4,574
  • Includes two dentures

The first immediate denture includes all necessary adjustments and temporary liners while you are in the healing process. After healing, you will receive a second denture.

Our partial denture types include: 

  • Modern Flexible partials
  • Acrylic partials
  • Cast frame partials 

Adjustments and Guarantees at Dental Care of Florence

Adjustments Include:

  • Relieving sore areas in the mouth under the denture or partial
  • Adjusting and balancing your bite alignment
  • Soft temporary relines for immediate dentures for up to one year following extractions

Guarantee Includes:

  • Denture tooth repair and/or replacement
  • Acrylic fracture or breakage repair
  • Damage caused by normal use repair

The guarantee DOES NOT Include:

  • Damages due to neglect including but not limited to: Loss, pet damage, natural wear of teeth.
  • The guarantee will be nullified if self-repair is attempted. Superglue and over-the-counter repair material make repairing extremely difficult, if not impossible.
  • Failure to have a permanent reline performed within one year following extractions will void any warranties or guarantees included with your denture package.
  • Denture packages do NOT include permanent relines.

For Dentures in a Day, Contact Dental Center of Florence

We are proud to provide affordable dentures in Florence, KY to our patients without the wait. If you would like to schedule a consultation for same-day dentures, or if you have any questions about our “all in a day” dentistry, contact a member of our team today.